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Like cars and washing machines, computers do have bad days and can inconvenience you and the rest of the family if the computer doesn’t work as it should.  IT Support Line Limited can visit your home, check what is wrong and give you a competitive quote to fix the issue.

In most parts of Newport Pagnell, fibre broadband is available from a few Internet Service Providers (ISP) such as BT and Zen Internet as well as standard broadband services provided by Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin broadband as well as other providers, but which one should you choose?  It is a decision that is based on cost, how you will use the internet and most important customer service.  Your friends and relatives may have views on their ISP and this can relate good or bad experiences.

The speed of the broadband and fibre broadband is dependent on the distance from your telephone exchange or green street cabinet to your home. The example street addresses below are estimated speeds, subject to having a BT phone line and quality of connection:

LocationStandard broadband downspeedFibre broadband downspeed
Avon Close, Newport Pagnell15 Mb37 Mb
Welland Drive, Newport Pagnell11 Mb33 Mb
Scott Drive, Newport Pagnell9 Mb33 Mb
Huxley Close, Newport Pagnell1.5 Mb32 Mb
Shakespeare Close, Newport Pagnell3.5 Mb14 Mb
Flora Thompson Drive, Newport Pagnell6 Mb25 Mb
Carters Close, Sherington1 Mb30 Mb
Water Lane, Sherington1 Mb26 Mb
Park Road, Sherington3 Mb13 Mb
Gun Lane, Sherington3 Mb14 Mb

Useful link: Find out which telephone exchange you are connected to:
FYI - The North Crawley and Chicheley exchange, located on the road junction of Chicheley Road and Brook End: BT have not announced when this telephone exchange will be upgraded to enable fibre broadband connections.

Understanding Speed
5000 Kbps = 5 Mb
10000 Kbps = 10 Mb
15000 Kbps = 15 Mb

IT Support Line Limited can advise you based on your needs for broadband and what equipment you will need .  IT Support Line Limited can also supply and install the equipment and check what the ISP gives you actually works!!

No matter how small or big the problem might be IT Support Line Limited can help you.  Our rates are very competitive and it is only the cost of a local phone call to the IT Support Line Helpdesk.

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